Safiyyah Rasool is Co-Owner and Creative Director of Safiyyah Dance Company. Since childhood she has loved to dance and from early on has had an ability to quickly learn complex choreography. Safiyyah has trained with talented hip hop choreographers such as Willdabeast Adams, Kevin Maher, Laurianne Gibson, Luam Keflezgy, and Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo; as well as jazz instructors Leon Von Brown and Daisy Yunju. She has trained at renowned hip hop companies Dance 411 in Atlanta, Georgia, Debbie Reynolds, Millenium Dance Complex, IDA Hollywood and Movement Lifestyle studio in Los Angeles, California and Broadway Dance Center in New York, New York. Safiyyah has choreographed many programs in the Midwest area. Sharing her gift with others through teaching is very fulfilling in her career. With a very eclectic and unique style of dance, Safiyyah is versatile when it comes to mixing dance styles between hip hop, jazz and other dance genres. Safiyyah’s love of dance is truly contagious. While teaching she exudes the joy of movement and provides students of all ages, both male and female, the confidence to express themselves through dance.